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Our Mission Statement: To foster operational and financial efficiency, and to enhance the level of service to the mutual benefit of Caribbean Ports and their stakeholders, through the sharing of experience, training, information and ideas

Etablissement Portuaire De Saint-Martin


Mr. Albéric ELLIS

Title General Managing Director
Address: Port de Galisbay Bienvenue
  Baie de la Potence
  B.P. 3218 Galisbay
  97067 Saint-Martin Cedex
Tel: 0 590 87 59 06
Fax: 0 590 87 87 77
Email: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.


  • Shipping Agencies.
  • Piloting and towing upon request.
  • Clearance and immigration formalities.


  • 30,000 square meters of storage space.
  • 210 linear meters of wharf.
  • 4.60 to 6 meters draught.
  • 170 Forklifts from 3 to 5 tonsmeters long breakwater protection.
  • Forklifts from 3 to 5 tons.
  • Reach Stacker forklift with capacity of 42 tons.
  • Re-fueling station.
  • Cold storage (reefer plugs).
  • Cold and frozen warehouse storage.

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