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Suriname Port Management Company’s Commemoration of 45 years leads to new name of the Terminal

On November 11th, 2016 the Suriname Port Management Company (SPMC) commemorated its establishment 45 years ago.

The many invitees to the official reception held in this respect, consisted of Government Officials, Stakeholders, Management and Staff, and included former Prime Minister, Dr. Jules Sedney, now 93 years old, who was then responsible for signing the agreement to build the Port.

  Name Change  Name Change

Several speeches were given by the Union, the Management, Board of Directors whereby not only the significant role of the Port was stipulated, but also the importance of a trained and competent workforce, the Port’s performance in the provision of excellence services, the relation and results of Public/Private Partnership, Good Governance, and Corporate Social Responsibility.

A very special highlight at the reception was the speech of the Minister of Transport, Communication and Tourism, His Excellency Andoyo Rusland, who officially represented the President of the Republic of Suriname, His Excellency Desire Delano Bouterse, who could not attend.

The Minister noted in his speech that activities of outstanding citizens such as Dr. Jules Sedney must never be forgotten. The act of signing the agreement for building of the “Nieuwe Haven Terminal” during Dr. Sedney’s tenure as Prime Minister (1969 – 1973), is a landmark in Suriname’s economy and its history. By act and order of the President of the Republic of Suriname the Nieuwe Haven Terminal is, effective November 11, 2016, renamed “Dr. Jules Sedney - Port of Paramaribo”.

Name Change

This renaming has the full support of the CEO of SPMC – Drs. Andreas Talea, Director Commercial Services – Mr. Lamure Latour, Vice Director - Marcel Mulier, and the President of the Board of Directors - Mr. Court Nelson.

An emotional Dr. Jules Sedney thanked the Government of Suriname for such an honour bestowed upon him.

A commemorative book “45 year N.V.Havenbeheer Suriname” will be published in recognition of the occasion.

Source: Linda Profijt del Prado

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