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Our Mission Statement: To foster operational and financial efficiency, and to enhance the level of service to the mutual benefit of Caribbean Ports and their stakeholders, through the sharing of experience, training, information and ideas

Maritime Institutions Forge Partnership

On Monday, 21 November, 2016, the LJM Maritime Academy (LJMMA) and the Caribbean Maritime Institute (CMI) established a significant affiliation agreement to partner in areas of mutual interest in the education and training of students enrolled in maritime programmes at their respective institutions. This agreement, signed by President of LJMMA, Dr. Brendamae Cleare and Executive Director of CMI, Dr. Fritz Pinnock, is for an initial period of five (5) years, with renewal possibilities; the Agreement took immediate effect.

LJMMA, an accredited tertiary-level maritime training institution, is a body corporate established in December 2011 and licensed under the Companies Act, Chapter 308 in December 2011, located at Maritime Cay, New Providence, The Bahamas. CMI is a body corporate established under the Caribbean Maritime Institute Act 1992, as amended in 2001, with registered offices situate at Palisadoes Park, Norman Manley Highway, Kingston in the parish of Kingston, Jamaica W.I. CMI is the region´s centre of excellence for the provision of tertiary maritime education, training, research and consultancy.

Dr. Fritz Pinnock (L) and Dr. Brendamae Cleare (R)

The agreement will honour the parties’ intentions in areas such as programme/curricula development, joint programme offerings, student and faculty exchanges, shared certification through accreditations, sharing of relevant facilities, joint seminars, workshops, and webinars. It also fosters collaborative research and grant seeking initiatives. CMI’s Executive Director, indicated that this partnership is momentous as it signifies the strengthening of maritime training and education in the shipping industry through the joint forces of two premier maritime institutions in the Caribbean. He further stated “this partnership will revolutionize the way training is provided throughout the Caribbean region and will become a key example of the success of joint efforts and fused initiatives.” Likewise, LJMMA’s President, Dr. Brendamae Cleare expressed delight at being able to partner with the established regional institution. She is excited about the numerous possibilities which will result for both offshore and land based maritime services, and expressed her sentiments in this way: “Partnering with CMI is historic and is taking Maritime Education in the region to another level. The synergy is strong and our combined efforts will ensure that the education and training in the Maritime arena will be paramount to meeting the increasing demands of seafarers globally. Additionally, as a team, the institutions will be able to effectively deal with challenges and explore all possibilities of training required in the Caribbean region, whether they be land based or offshore.”

Dr. Cleare noted the timeliness of this partnership; the Academy is presently planning a maritime conference for October 2017 and CMI can collaborate in the planning of this venture in myriad ways.

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