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Our Mission Statement: To foster operational and financial efficiency, and to enhance the level of service to the mutual benefit of Caribbean Ports and their stakeholders, through the sharing of experience, training, information and ideas

Maris Port Solutions


Mr. Tim Smith

Title: Director
Address Orchard House, Station Road
  Fulstow, Lincolnshire,
  LN11 0XQ United Kingdom
Tel: 44 151 324 1946
Fax: N/A
Email: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.
Website: www.maris-ps.com/


Maris is focused on the port operations sector; with a wealth of knowledge and experience accumulated worldwide. Maris provides bespoke solutions for clients when planning to redevelop and improve their current port processes; or if developing a new operation.

Maris is passionate about Caribbean ports; a region in which Director Tim Smith is familiar. The Caribbean Basin is undergoing a transformation due to the Panama Canal expansion; and Maris’s aim is to assist the ports of the Caribbean to equip for this change, and be in a position to move forward with the development.

Maris can provide ports with assistance in all areas of port operations, terminal design advice, operational analysis, review, problem solving, and management. With well-established contacts within the industry Maris can also provide services in port safety, security, systems, equipment selection, and welcomes all enquiries.

About the Director

Tim Smith is a dedicated, self-motivated consultant, and port management professional, with a diverse range of port experience; having worked in the UK, Trinidad & Tobago, India,  and the Middle East. He has an extensive knowledge of the industry, port systems, and processes, and a strong network of industry specialists.

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